Zooming Success as We Return to Distance Learning

Zooming Success as We Return to Distance Learning

Today proved that our faculty, staff, parents, and students are resilient and resourceful. After two weeks of not seeing teachers and peers, smiles and renewed energy for learning ZOOMed through all of the Google Classrooms. Congratulations to all of our students, faculty, and staff for embracing the unexpected task of switching from traditional to virtual classrooms. This is a tough switch to flip; yet, our amazing teachers have dedicated countless hours and hard work to learning new platforms, sharpening their digital skills, and planning lessons to continue to make learning come alive and be meaningful for our students. We are meeting each morning to share ideas about how best to facilitate distance learning. Thank you, teachers!

A few housekeeping details regarding distance learning expectations:

  • Distance Learning is required for all students. Attendance is taken on a daily basis.
  • Please remove all distractions from your children’s classroom spaces so that the 30 minutes they have with their teachers is the most effective as possible. Technology, such as cell phones, should not be allowed in the room with the student.
  • Dress attire must be school appropriate. Dress down day clothing rules will apply to all Zoom classes. Shirts with sleeves are required–no bathing suits, no spaghetti straps.

We thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding as we will undoubtedly face internet interruption and poor connections from time to time. As we ask you to be flexible with us, we too will be flexible with our students who face these issues! Please note, we have technical support available for replacement or repair to Chromebook devices if needed. Should your child require IT support, please email studenthelpdesk@rosarianacademy.org.

The pick-up of materials today was successful. Thank you to the office staff and teachers for their facilitation and organization, and we are grateful for our parents’ efforts to pick up and drop off the materials. If you were not able to pick up your child’s materials today, they will be available in the front of school tomorrow as well. Next week, we will try to have far less material exchange.

Important calendar note: we will move the Middle School Second Trimester Awards to next Wednesday, April 8. This will allow us to work out more than 100 participants joining in over Zoom.

Also, we are in the process of re-evaluating the extension of our distance learning plan given the President’s extension of social distancing until April 30 and Governor DeSantis’ executive order for “Safer at Home” until May 15. Please stay tuned.

We invite you to share photos of your children in their new learning environment with Mrs. Hansen, [email protected]. It’s fun for all of us to see our community hard at work when we no longer have the opportunity to see each other on campus.