Tuition & Fees


Fee Schedule: Academic Year 2018-2019
Application and Registration Fees
Application for Admission Fee$100
K – Grade 8: Registration & Enrollment Fee
Used to enhance the sports program, intramurals, after school enrichment, technology, facilities
and the Rosarian Academy Family Association sponsored activities.
Early Childhood: Registration and Enrollment Fee
Used for curriculum and supplies, classroom enrichment, technology, facilities improvement
and Rosarian Academy Family Association sponsored activities.


Tuition (per year)2018-2019
Early Childhood Program: Ages 1-5
Three Half Days$9,700$9,463
Three Full Days$10,750$10,488
Four Half Days$10,800$10,537
Four Full Days$11,950$11,659
Five Half Days$12,400$12,098
Five Full Days$14,500$14,146
Grade 1$16,925$16,512
Grade 2-4$17,700$17,268
Grade 5-8$18,150$17,707

Additional Fees:
After School Program
Lunch Program
School Uniforms (purchased through Harris School Uniforms or Lands’ End)
Instructional Workbooks (K-8)
Middle School Technology (5-8)
Graduation (8)
**Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) 2% of Tuition (required for monthly payment plan)