The Rosarian Academy Family Association (RAFA), led by 2023-2024 President Mari Vargas and Vice President Liz Vance, is the organizing body for the families of Rosarian. RAFA strives to build a community of parents who are connected to the school and the lives of our children.

Every Rosarian family is a member of RAFA. The RAFA Committee comprises dedicated parents who serve as the leaders for the RAFA-organized events.

RAFA’S Purpose is to…
  • Enrich the Rosarian Academy community
  • Develop and implement programs and events designed for the enhancement and growth of the school
  • Provide support and service to the school
  • Cultivate the spirit of cordiality and fellowship among parents
  • Function as ambassadors of the school, internally and externally

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the cornerstone of Rosarian Academy. Each year, mothers, fathers, grandparents and alumni share their time and talents enriching our wonderful Rosarian Academy community. Below you will find a listing of RAFA committees and events, school events and projects where volunteers are welcomed to assist at Rosarian.

• Help organize weekly Rosary prayer group
• Intentions for every student and faculty member – help organize schedule of intentions and assemble gifts for each student and faculty member
• Help with school Mass Eucharistic ministers if needed

• Write thank you notes on behalf of RA on an as needed basis/throughout the year
• Thanksgiving Card Mailing: Work with Kindergarten classes to design the Thanksgiving card to be sent to donors and special friends of RA

• SALES: Open Houses (Friday, August 18 and TBD – Jan. 2024)
o Organize uniforms by category and size, setup before the Open House events
o Recruit and manage volunteers to man uniform sales at Open House events, including the checkout process

• MAINTENANCE: Throughout the year
o Periodically organize/sort uniforms

• THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. 1 Early Childhood, 1 Lower School, and 1 Middle School
• Responsible for communication with Room Parents in designated section (EC, LS or MS)

• THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. At least 1 per homeroom/advisory.
• Aid homeroom teacher as requested for class parties, crafts and games
• Responsible for communication with all other parents in the class (i.e. emails, texts, calls, etc.)
• Help new families become familiar with activities and customs
• Assist with field trips as needed
• Place collection bins in classrooms for charitable drives (Auction class baskets, canned food drives, toys for tots, etc.)

• THROUGHOUT THE YEAR (primarily January-June)
• Parent Chairs:
o Make a personal gift to the Rosarian Fund
o Recruit and manage Class Agents and facilitates Class Agent communication with parents

▪ Recruit and manage sub-committee chairs? (Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School, Alumni, Grandparent, etc.)

o Work with the Advancement Office to create Rosarian Fund  solicitation letter(s) and signs letters
o Promote the Rosarian Fund and help provide information about the fund goals and progress

• Class Agents:
o Make a personal gift to the Rosarian Fund                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                o Be a gentle and personal reminder to your class regarding the Rosarian Fund, also referred to as the Annual Fund. Your goal is to encourage 100% participation for your class. This is not a monetary goal, but rather a goal of having every family participate in the fund at whatever level is comfortable for their family.
o Be leader and resource, making sure everyone in your class knows about the fund, its purpose and how important it is to the overall operating budget of the school

o Setup for Used Uniform Sales
o Setup RAFA Volunteer Table with sign-up sheets for each opportunity
o Work the RAFA Volunteer Table to answer questions and actively recruit
o Serve refreshments, if applicable
o Direct new families or returning families to the respective homerooms the day of the event

o Arrange and secure food and drink for the social event
o Arrange and secure glasses/cups, napkins, plates, and other food service items
o Arrange and secure décor
o Recruit bartenders and greeters
o Organize gift bags for all new families and distribute at event
o Encourage mentors to take their new family mentees to dinner at Café Sapori afterwards and encourage other current families to make reservations/have dinner at Café Sapori that evening

o Assist Mary Raich (Admissions Director) and Will Searcy (Marketing & Communications Director) with events such as Kindergarten Round Up, Open Houses, Moving up to Middle School, etc.
o Secure snacks and drinks for events
o Serve as greeters, take new/prospective parents on school tours

o Arrange and attend new family lunches/coffees – a few parents have lunch/coffee with new
parents (with similar aged-students)

o Secure snacks and drinks
o Serve as greeters, take new/prospective parents on school tours

• Plan and execute a fundraising event for school moms

• Establish a committee of RA dads to promote involvement in the school through fundraising and fellowship events
• Plan and execute Guys Night Out (Spring 2024)– fundraising event for school dads

• Determine décor, obtain supplies (including flowers/plants for tables), and decorate the Dining Hall the day before the event
• Setup Check-In tables and bars
• Recruit volunteers to serve, bartend, setup and cleanup

• ALL RAFA MEMBERS: Support the Auction and encourage people to attend/purchase tickets
• Auction sub-committees include: Invitations & Décor, Sponsorship & Underwriting, Program Ad Sales, Table & Tickets, Live Auction, Silent Auction, Silent Auction Corners, Class Projects, Underwriting Party

• SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2024
• Determine, arrange and secure entertainment/activities
• Arrange and secure refreshments
• Secure underwriting/sponsors to cover event costs
• Recruit and manage volunteers for the event

• TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2024 (10:40AM-12:45PM)
• Determine and secure décor
• Secure supplies (bowls, spoons, napkins, toppings…etc.)
• Recruit and manage volunteers to serve ice cream and toppings
• Decorate morning of the event

• FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2024 (8:00AM – 12:00PM)
• Recruit and manage volunteers
• Arrange and secure food and drinks for guests
• Determine and arrange décor for refreshments area
• Decorate refreshments area day before the event
• Man stations throughout the school to direct guests and answer questions

• MONDAY-FRIDAY, MAY 6-10, 2024
• Plan and execute a week of appreciation for faculty and staff
• Secure underwriters/donors/sponsors
• Recruit and manage volunteers

• FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2024
• Collect photos from 8th grade parents and create slideshow to be played at graduation ceremony
• Secure floral arrangements for mass and ceremony
• Organize and secure contents for gift bags and distribute at graduation
• Graduation refreshments (if applicable)– arrange and secure food and drinks, and décor for light