Capital Giving



Invest in the Future of the School Through Capital Giving


A tradition of philanthropy is visible throughout Rosarian Academy’s campus, providing new facilities, great improvements and endowment support over the years.

The original 7 ¼ acre plot of land was a gift from Colonel Edward R. Bradley to the Adrian Dominican sisters. Many generous families have come forward since that time to help create our beautiful campus and to make gifts to sustain our school’s future.

Facilities Gifts

Over the years, gifts to build, renovate and restore facilities have helped Rosarian keep pace with the changing needs of students and faculty. Capital projects for facilities include the recent construction of The Picotte Center, The Stock and Garvy Gym, as well as the renovation of our theatre.

Charitable Trust/Endowment Gifts

The school invests gifts that are designated to endowment, with the income directed towards the purpose the donor selects. Only the income from the principal is spent, ensuring that the gift continues in perpetuity, helping to safeguard Rosarian’s finances through changing economic times. There are a number of endowment opportunities available.

  • An endowment is a permanent fund that supports what matters most to you, whether it is helping students thrive, supporting faculty and curriculum enhancements, or enriching our innovative programs. The principal is held in perpetuity and invested for long-term growth. A percentage of the endowment’s total market value is made available each year to support the purpose as mutually agreed upon by you and the school.

    • The earnings from endowments provide a permanent source of income that allows Rosarian Academy to fulfill its mission of instilling academic excellence and personal responsibility, inspiring athletic and artistic accomplishment, and promoting a respect for diversity within a challenging and safe educational environment. The general endowment spending allocation is combined with tuition revenue and Rosarian Fund gifts to operate the school on a day-to-day basis. Strong endowments enable schools like Rosarian to rely on more than tuition revenue.

    • New endowment funds may be created with gifts of $25,000 or more. Establishing a named fund provides a personally meaningful way for you to support Rosarian. You can establish the fund through a multi- year pledge payable within five years or a one-time gift. The Advancement Office will work with you to prepare a written endowment agreement outlining the purpose of the fund and Rosarian Academy’s commitment to administering the fund according to your intentions.

    • You can choose to support what is most meaningful to you. Some areas of interest might include:

  • Need-based tuition assistance
  • Faculty Development
  • Programs
  • General endowment for advances in the school’s core mission
    • Rosarian Academy works closely with its Board of Trustees to select an outside financial institution to manage its endowed funds. Based on spending limits established by the Board, a portion of the total market value is made available to support the school, and any remaining funds are reinvested to ensure the school’s financial stability for generations to come. For a named endowed fund, according to those same spending guidelines, a portion of the total market value of the fund is made available to support the purpose of the fund as defined by the donor.

      • The earnings on endowed funds are used in perpetuity to support Rosarian’s programs and goals. Because the principal of the fund is never spent, it can generate greater earnings over time. Annual giving income, by contrast, is spent the same year it is given, and it is used entirely in support of the operating budget of the school. (See the Rosarian Fund.)