Financial Aid & Scholarships


Tuition Assistance

At Rosarian Academy, our first priority is to create a student population that reflects our academic and citizenship standards. To achieve this goal, we feel it is important not to restrict admissions based on a family’s financial resources. To the extent that our funds permit, Rosarian Academy awards tuition assistance, beginning in kindergarten, to families with demonstrated economic need. These students must also meet the required academic standards for admission to Rosarian Academy. Tuition assistance customarily offers up to one-half of total tuition.


Receive Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance decisions are based on the following qualifications. New students must do the following:

  • Receive a positive placement letter
  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic performance
  • Reflect Rosarian’s high standards of behavior
  • Show good citizenship
  • Participate in school activities


  • Step 1:

    Complete a Parents’ Financial Statement through Smart Aid. Applications must be submitted online at Click here for instructions on how to set up your account and for more information regarding the documentation needed.

    DEADLINES: March 1st, April 1st and May 1st

  • Step 2:

    The Academy’s Tuition Assistance Committee will review the applications and determine the distribution of funds. Parents will receive written notification of the committee’s decision.

    For more information, contact the Admissions Office at 561.345.3106.