Why Literacy Is Important In Education

Importance of Literacy in Education | Types of Literacy Skills | Rosarian Academy of West Palm Beach, Florida

Literacy is more than reading and writing: it is the ability to communicate effectively and to understand the world around you in a deeper, more meaningful way. The importance of literacy in education cannot be overstated: it is critical in helping our children learn to connect, interpret, make decisions, and grow as learners – and people.

There are different types of literacy skills, including:

  • Phonemic awareness: the ability to hear individual sounds and create words using those sounds.
  • Print awareness: this is strengthened by exposure to books, newspapers, and even cereal boxes and road signs!
  • Print motivation: this is the love of and interest in reading. Foster it!
  • Vocabulary: this involves both active use of words and the ability to discern meaning through context.
  • Spelling: the more children are exposed to words and their spellings (especially those irregular ones like phone!), the less they struggle with reading.
  • Reading comprehension: this is the ability to read for meaning and understanding. Children also learn to make connections and predict patterns.
  • Narrative skills: when your child is telling you all about the birthday party they just went to, they’re practicing their narrative skills. They are able to understand, interpret, and create stories. That’s why it’s important that we, as adults, ask thoughtful questions to further engage conversations with our children.

These literacy skills build on one another and are continued as children progress in their education. As students become more advanced, the importance of literacy in education continues to grow.

We are implementing an exciting new literacy program at Rosarian Academy. It is called ReadyGEN and is spearheaded by Mrs. Acosta (lower school) and Mrs. Valdov (middle school). ReadyGEN is a balanced approach to literacy skills in Kindergarten – 6th grade classrooms and it focuses on modeling proficiency skills and offers engaging activities to motivate young readers. The authentic texts spark a desire to learn and assists students in increasing their understanding of the task at hand.

Literacy skills are essential throughout school and life. If you’re interested in learning more about ReadyGEN or have more questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re always excited to talk about literacy!

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