Rosarian Academy student finishes second in state science fair

Palm Beach Daily News: April 23, 2013

As she flipped through the channels on her television, something caught Rosarian Academy eighth-grader Julia RaymondÕs eye. It was a progr explaining why bees were dying at alarming rates, their colony cells were collapsing and the dire effects those things could have on the agriculture industry.

RaymondÕs interest was immediately piqued and she began studying the phenomenon, first on the Internet, then elsewhere. As aspect of that phenomenon bece her entry into the 58th Annual State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida, which garnered second place in the Junior Zoology category as well as a special recognition from the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Raymond competed against 30 other zoology students for the honor. Her progr was titled ÒThe Effects of Cell Size on Pest Invasion in a Bee Colony.Ó

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