News Advisory for October 5-9, 2015

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ÒRosarian WeekÓ Tradition to Bring Service-, Faith-, Community-, Spirit-, and Mission-Filled Activities to the School to Celebrate its 90 Year History

Rosarian Academy spends the first full week of October each year celebrating its service, faith, community, spirit, and missionÑall of which have been a part of the history of Palm Beach County for 90 years. This year, Rosarian Week will take place October 5 – 9 with Monday as Service Day, Tuesday Spirit Day, Wednesday Faith Day, Thursday Community Day, and Friday Mission Day.

Service to others is an integral part of the Rosarian Academy Community and school mission. Rosarian Week will kick off with a Òschool filyÓ service project. On Monday, October 5, Lower School students will begin their day by meeting their Middle School Òbig brothersÓ and Òbig sistersÓ in the Garvy Gym to make rosaries and then pray a decade of the rosary together. Each student will receive a rosary and others will be made to donate to Catholic Charities. The crucifixes were blessed by Pope Francis during his visit to Washington, D.C. on September 24th.

The schoolÕs spirit will be celebrated on Tuesday with ÒHats off to 90 years of RAÓ where students and faculty are allowed to wear crazy hats to school.

Faith day will be highlighted with a school-wide Mass on Wednesday morning, celebrated by Reverend Brian King, Episcopal Secretary to Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito.

ThursdayÕs Community Day will hold two significant eventsÑan Open House for the greater Palm Beach County community (9:00 -10:30 ) and a Spaghetti Dinner for the Rosarian Academy Fily community of students, parents, teachers and staff.

Rosarian Week ends traditionally with the cpus ablaze in a rainbow of colors in celebration of Mission Day, or Field Day.