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Canine Assists in Classrooms and Now An Integral Part of Upcoming Science Fair

Jodi is a three-year-old Golden Retriever who joined Rosarian Academy in May 2013, coming from Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. Assisting the schoolÕs principal, guidance counselor, resource specialist and various classroom teachers, Jodi works as a therapeutic partner to the students and faculty through her unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance.

Vince Stirm, an eighth grade Rosarian Academy student, knows firsthand just how beneficial an Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) dog can be. As part of VinceÕs Science Lab Curriculum and in preparation for the upcoming Palm Beach County Science and Engineering Fair (December 10-12, 2013), he is researching the benefits of an assistance therapy dog on the language acquisition skills of students ranging from five to eleven years of age. For the last five weeks, Vince has been studying the effects of an AAT dog on studentÕs oral fluency, prediction and recall level