Athletic Forms


Together, let’s support and encourage the students and coaches of Rosarian Academy, throughout the athletic seasons. Attending your child’s game is a great way to show support. Avoid criticizing teammates and coaches in front of your son or daughter. A trusting relationship between teammates and coaches needs to be present for your child to have a positive experience.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship towards opponents, officials and spectators. If you have a question or concern that you would like to discuss with your child’s coach, it is best to set up an appointment. Avoid having the conversation preceding or following a practice or game.

Middle School Athletic Forms

Required athletic forms must be submitted to the athletic department prior to participation in our interscholastic sports program. Along with the above Physical Evaluation, Concussion Consent & Release and Driver Permission forms, parents of Middle School students must also complete the Varsity/JV Sports Agreement below.

Please Note:

The Varsity/JV Sports Agreement can be filled out online or a hard copy can be obtained from the athletic office or main office. The FHSAA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation, FHSAA Concussion Consent and Release Form and Driver Permission Form must be obtained in a hard copy format.

Swimming Forms

During swim season, all kindergarten through 8th graders are invited to try out for the Rosarian swim team at Lake Lytal Pool, located at 3645 Gun Club Road.


Communication is an essential part of the athletic culture and teamwork between parents, students and coaches. There are a number of ways to stay connected with Rosarian Athletics. Please utilize whichever (or all) methods of communication that work best for you.

Electronic Raider Weekly: Important information will be sent home periodically.

Phone: 561-832-5131 x228

Email: [email protected] or your child’s coach. View Coaching Staff