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Rosarian Academy Student Takes 2nd Place in State Science and Engineering Fair

Rosarian Academy 8th grader, Julia Raymond, competed against 30 other zoology students at the 58th Annual State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida and earned 2nd place in the Junior Zoology category. Her project, The Effects of Cell Size on Pest Invasion in a Bee Colony also received a special recognition award from the Department of Agriculture.

The purpose of the project was to determine if there is a beneficial relationship between the smaller bee colony cell size of Italian Honey Bees and the number of pests inside the hive which cause Colony Collapse Disorder. She was able to prove, that by reducing the bee hive cell size, the number of mites and beetles are reduced, keeping the colony from collapsing and preventing the need for pesticides.

Julia received 1st place at the Palm Beach County Regional Science and Engineering County Fair, qualifying her to attend the state fair on March 26th-28th.