Accelerated Reader


At Rosarian Academy, the Accelerated Reader Program stands out as a cornerstone in advancing student literacy and reading skills. This innovative program is designed to make the essential practice component of the reading curriculum both personalized and effective. It supports students through various stages of reading development, from assisted reading to independent exploration of texts. Through student-led choice in reading materials, students may explore their interests, and ultimately, develop a lifelong love of reading.

Key Takeaways Detail
Accelerated Reader Program Tailors reading curriculum for effective, personalized practice
Types of Reading Practice Covers read to, read with, and independent reading
Learning Outcomes Enhances comprehension, vocabulary, and literacy skills
How It Works Steps include choosing a book, taking quizzes, and accessing learning insights
Benefits for Students Provides daily feedback and supports diverse reading materials, allowing for students to pursue interests and develop a lifelong love of reading


The Accelerated Reader Program at Rosarian Academy tailors reading experiences to individual student needs. It provides daily feedback on all three types of reading practice: being read to, reading with someone, and independent reading. This approach ensures that students not only engage with the material at their own pace but also receive the support they need at different stages of their reading journey.


  1. Personalized Learning Paths: Every student has unique reading needs and preferences. The Accelerated Reader Program acknowledges this by allowing students to choose from a wide range of reading materials, including fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, and magazines.
  2. Comprehensive Skill Development: The program focuses on key areas such as comprehension, vocabulary development, literacy skills, and textbook reading. This holistic approach ensures that students are not just reading more, but also reading better.
  3. Continuous Feedback and Assessment: Through online quizzes and software-generated reports, the program offers continuous assessment and feedback for teachers, students, and parents. This helps in tracking student progress in reading comprehension, vocabulary growth, and overall reading quantity and quality.
  4. A Lifelong Love of Reading: A correlation between students who read for pleasure and positive educational outcomes has long been established. By catering to a student’s interests through student choice in reading materials, students build positive associations with reading from the beginning of their reading journeys, while receiving feedback and support throughout the process.


  • Step 1: Log in to Accelerated Reader and Choose a Book

    Students log in to the Accelerated Reader platform and select a book that interests them, be it for guided, paired, literature-based, or textbook reading.

  • Step 2: Take a Quiz

    After completing the book, students take an online quiz. This quiz assesses their understanding and comprehension of the material read.

  • Step 3: Access Learning Insights

    Teachers use a variety of reports generated by the program to evaluate and monitor each student’s reading and comprehension progress. This data is crucial in tailoring future reading assignments and instruction.

Integrating Accelerated Reader with Other Academic Programs

At Rosarian Academy, the Accelerated Reader Program is seamlessly integrated with other academic programs and initiatives. For example, it complements the STEM curriculum by providing resources for reading scientific texts and understanding complex concepts. Similarly, it aligns with the Sadlier Oxford Math Program by enhancing students’ ability to comprehend and interpret mathematical texts.

Encouraging a Love for Reading

Beyond academic benefits, the Accelerated Reader Program fosters a love for reading among students. By offering choices and challenging them with diverse materials, it cultivates a lifelong passion for learning and exploration. This is in line with Rosarian Academy’s commitment to holistic education, which you can learn more about in the full strategic plan.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The Accelerated Reader Program at Rosarian Academy is more than just a tool for improving reading skills. It’s a pathway to developing confident, capable, and curious learners. With its personalized approach and comprehensive support, it sets students on a journey of discovery and growth.

For parents and students interested in learning more about Rosarian Academy’s innovative educational approaches, including the Accelerated Reader Program, consider scheduling a campus tour or attending an open house.