Full Disclosure: Rosarian Academy’s Performance of The Addams Family is Fantastically Not ‘One Normal Night’

Rosarian's Performance of The Addams Family


May 1, 2018
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09212: Wednesday Addams (Harper Throop, 6th grade) tortures her little brother, Pugsley (Juan-Lucas Gonzalez, 6th grade) as she sings about being conflicted and ‘pulled in a new direction’ over her love for Lucas Beineke.
09620: Uncle Fester (Robby Vargas, 8th grade) professes his love to the moon.|
09747: Wednesday Addams (Harper Throop, 6th Grade) confides in her father, Gomez (Grey Bauer, 7th grade) regarding her love for Lucas Beineke.
09836: Wednesday Addams (Harper Throop, 6th Grade) runs off with  Lucas Beineke (Nicholas Stewart) after he allows her to shoot an apple blindfolded off his head.
09909:  Gomez (Grey Bauer, 7th grade) and Morticia (Emma Hardyman, 8th grade) do the Tango De Amore.

Photo credit: David Scarola Photography

Pulled Video
Death is Just Around the Corner
Full Disclosure
One Normal Night

Full Disclosure: Rosarian Academys Performance of The Addams Family is Fantastically Not One Normal Night

A cast of 35 middle school Rosarian Academy students stepped into the weird but wonderful world of The Addams Family in the musical production on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28. The musical comedy featured show-stopping numbers (including Pulled, One Normal Night, and Full Disclosure), impressive  special effects, professional set design and costumes, a live orchestra, and lots of laughs.

The play told the original story of Wednesday Addams (Harper Throop, 6th grade) falling in love with a respectable young man, Lucas Beineke (Nicholas Stewart, 6th grade), who her parents had never met. She confided in her father, Gomez (Grey Bauer, 7th grade), and asked him to keep her romance a secret from her mother, Morticia (Emma Hardyman, 8th grade). Eventually, a dinner was hosted at the family’s macabre mansion where unexpected events occurred and life was forever changed for both the ghoulish Addams and normal Beineke families. In the end, love wins—Wednesday and Lucas were engaged to be married; Morticia and Gomez forgave each other; Mal (Crede Janson, 7th grade) and Alice Beineke (Quinlyn Janson, 6th grade) fell back in love with each other; and Uncle Fester (Robby Vargas, 8th grade) secured a ‘rocket pack’ to take him to see his love—the moon.

Rosarian’s cast and crew of talented young artists and performers was led by Theatre Arts Director Robert Sherman, with choreography by Jeanne Bennett and musical direction by Gay Dedo. The set was professionally designed by Dean Landhuis. The music and lyrics of The Addams Family is written by Andrew Lippa from the book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice.

Rosarian Academy gives children from first through eighth grade the opportunity to participate in fully-staged and executed productions, directed by professionals with real-world theatrical experience. Students in kindergarten begin attending drama classes.

Rosarian Academy, founded in 1925, educates students from early childhood through eighth grade and offers an exceptionally strong academic program enriched by athletics, visual and performing arts, and community service opportunities. The independent, Catholic school is located on Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach and is sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Bus service is available throughout Palm Beach County. For more information, visit Rosarian Academy or call 561.345.3106.