Visual Vocal Performance


Each class is a performance group, and the goal is to have students discover a comfort in performance — for each other and an audience. This will build up their confidence, make them better public speakers, and hopefully interest them in participating in our musical productions. All programs are expected to be 100% memorized. Movement is choreographed when appropriate. Music for Mass is taught for these grades, as well as an appreciation for classical, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre.

Students in 2nd through 4th grades may join the Show Choir at the beginning of each school year. Students meet every Friday during the last period in the school day. A commitment is made by students and parents to perform at various functions both on and off campus throughout the school year. Ms. Gay Dedo, a professional musician, is the Rosarian Academy Show Choir Director.

This course offers students the opportunity to appreciate music through a global spectrum. Through various projects, students will learn to compose, interpret, reflect and perform different styles of music (both solo and ensemble) with an artistic approach, using methods that parallel recognized national standards.

The true art of vocal preparation and performances requires much more than what the audience sees on stage. In RAVE, students holistically learn and experience the artistry of performance through solo and group works. Our students realize the following appropriate elements that fundamentally create successful preparation and performance: tone, quality, technique, interpretation/expression, pitch and rhythm. While ‘finding’ their unique voice, RAVE students learn elements such as basic vocal pedagogy/health, performing and understanding works in different languages–they learn to use the International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA), interpretation of selections within scenes (drama), and studio performance etiquette. Genres of songs and artists studied include various works such as pop, classic art songs, musical theatre, classical music.

Led by the Rosarian Academy music teacher, the instrumental ensemble offers students an opportunity to further develop their musical talent while performing at major school events. Instruments played in the ensemble include the guitar, bass guitar, violin, and keyboard, although the ensemble is not restricted to these instruments alone. The ensemble has performed at school mass, Christmas shows, Open Houses, and more.