Theater Arts


Students explore the actors tool box using body, voice, and imagination. Creating a sense of play while emphasizing, cooperation, working in groups, and use of their most creative self.  .

Students continue and build upon creativity while playing more complicated and specific theatre games that lead to work in improvisation.

Fifth and sixth grades continue to explore the basics of cooperation, acceptance, and team building. Improvisation skills continue to be emphasized. The concept of accepting “blind offers” is introduced to further a scene and develop character. A series of short-form improvisation games and activities are introduced to increase skills in teamwork, observation, listening, responding to an offer, and risk taking.

Seventh and eighth grades explore and expand and continue to work on a series of short-form improvisation games and activities.  As students grow in age and maturity they continue to increase skills in teamwork, observation, listening,  and risk taking.

When available in the curriculum, students may choose:
Acting Track
Open to fifth-through-eighth graders interested in preparing and presenting a scene and/or monologue for contemporary American theater or film. In creating a character, students will focus on eye contact, line readings, listening, and asking the three questions: Who am ? What do need? How am I going to get what my character needs?
Theatre Design and Production
Under the direction of a professional scenic and lighting designer, students explore how to apply practical theater design from the page to the stage.

The importance of art in child development cannot be overstated…

Theater ArtsEspecially the importance of exposing children to live performance

Robert Sherman has more than 40 years of experience acting, writing, directing and educating. Having completed post-graduate work at the University of Southern Maine, Oxford University, Exeter College and Yale University, Mr. Sherman not only loves the arts but also recognizes the benefits of formal art education. He has dedicated the past 18 years of his illustrious career to building the Rosarian Academy performing arts program into one of the best in Palm Beach County – rivaling magnet schools such as the A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts (DSOA) and Bak Middle School of the Arts (MSOA).

Not one to rest on past successes, Mr. Sherman always strives to exceed expectations, thereby shining a spotlight on Rosarian Academy as the preeminent choice for excellence in theatre arts education. His total dedication and commitment to his young protégés and his craft make Robert Sherman an outstanding drama teacher and a valued member of the South Florida arts community.

Theater Arts

It’s more than just a theater…

It’s 55+ years of dramatic excellence.

Rosarian Academy has infused dramatic excellence into the daily lives of its students since the school’s inception in 1925. However, thanks to a generous gift from Mr. Frederick Machlin, the Margaret Tighe Machlin Fine Arts Center opened its doors on December 14, 1964.

For 55+ years, this iconic Palm Beach County landmark has welcomed thousands of patrons and performers. Legends like Judy Garland, Perry Como and Peter Lawford – and the talents of Ballet Florida, Gilbert & Sullivan Society and the Greater Palm Beach Symphony – have graced its stage. Most importantly, the venue – complete with a fully functional orchestra pit and lift – has set the scene for generations of drama productions, school-wide masses, character assemblies, awards presentations and graduations.

Thus, the Fine Arts Center is more than just a theater. It’s a path for discovery – a safe place for self-expression and creativity where life lessons are taught and learned. It’s an important avenue for student enrichment through the arts.

Our Rosarian Theater Arts Alumni

Where are they now?

Alec Ruiz

Graduated Class of 2010
Currently Lead Vocalist on AIDA Cruise’s ship, the AIDAaura

Waverley Lim

Graduated Class of 2014
Currently @ UCLA – Theater Major