Why Drama Is Important in Education

Drama in Education | Why Drama Is Important | Rosarian Academy | West Palm Beach, Florida

Math, science, technology, reading, writing… these are all critical components of our children’s education – but they are not the only aspects to which we need to pay attention! We cannot afford to forget about the performing arts. Drama gives students the opportunity to engage, participate, and hone their skills in a variety of areas that impact academic performance – and their ability to strive towards a successful future.

Why Drama Is Important

Drama in education offers a number of benefits:

  • Students learn to give and receive feedback. The ability to handle constructive comments is invaluable in their future academic and working careers – as well as in relationships.
  • Studying drama enhances skill and facility in other academic areas. It fosters creativity, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, public speaking ability, and more.
  • Drama students have the opportunity to work on key communication skills; delivering a message clearly and effectively, and to a variety of audience members, is a skill that will serve them well throughout their lives.
  • Children learn to work together, but they also find their individual voices through the performing arts. They build self-confidence; this is especially true of children who may struggle in other areas of their education or who are introverted/reserved.
  • While drama is collaborative, it can also allow children to be alone with their thoughts, imaginations, ideas, and self. They can explore in a creative environment.
  • Self-expression is often difficult for children and adolescents. Drama provides them with an opportunity to process their emotions – including difficult ones like anger, sadness, frustration – in a safe, controlled environment.
  • They begin to see beyond themselves. Whether working together with diverse students or interpreting a work from a different culture, drama helps kids broaden their horizons, engage empathetically, and navigate challenges with an open mind.
  • Students get a workout! Performances can be physically demanding, and all that movement is wonderful for growing children! They also work on flexibility, coordination, balance, and control.
  • Drama is also mentally demanding: children must learn lines, cues, placement, and other aspects to ensure the show goes on. This, again, translates to other aspects of their education.
  • It’s fun. That’s enough reason on its own. But drama also reaches students who may struggle in other areas, as well as those who naturally love performing. When children enjoy learning, they are more engaged, productive, creative, attentive… drama is the gift that keeps on giving.

The importance of drama in education cannot be underestimated. When you give students a way to express themselves, channel their energy, and engage in healthy, safe ways, just watch the results!

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