Sadlier-Oxford Math Program

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Sadlier-Oxford Math Program | Rosarian Academy

How Sadlier Math Progresses

Math Is a Universal Language

Math is a language in its own respect, but it is different from all other languages. Written manuals for the latest gadgets include many languages, but the mathematics used in their development would be understood by engineers and mathematicians across the globe.

Children naturally have dreams for the future and they express those dreams at the earliest of ages. It is not uncommon to hear children saying what they want to be “when they grow up.” At Rosarian Academy, students receive opportunities in the classroom to see how math relates to their life and how it prevails throughout the world around them. The associations that the Sadlier-Oxford Math curriculum builds between the subject and the world around helps to foster these authentic curiosities in different career fields. As the student learns that math is all around and becomes exposed to more real world applications, the student can see the relationship between “what they want to be when they grow up” and the importance that math holds to that profession, whether that is a doctor, chef, engineer, or any of a myriad of professions.

Through the Sadlier Math curriculum at Rosarian Academy, students engage in mathematics, not only in the classroom, but in the world around them, so that while laying their solid foundation in the present, they can dream of all the possibilities that await in their futures.