Sadlier-Oxford Math at Rosarian Academy

Sadlier-Oxford Math Program at Rosarian Academy | Palm Beach Private School

Math is a universal language, and Rosarian Academy strives to provide its students with a solid math foundation that will make them mathematically proficient for the experiences of today, tomorrow, and beyond. To accomplish this, the West Palm Beach private school has implemented the Sadlier-Oxford Math program for grades K-4.

“When I was taught math, the concept was being presented … but I never really learned how it was relevant to my life.” These are the words of Rosarian Academy First Grade Teacher, Mildred Acosta, and they reflect many people’s experience. Math does not have to be taught this way, though, and with the Sadlier Math Curriculum at Rosarian Academy, the subject comes alive with real world examples and S.T.E.A.M. applications.

About Sadlier-Oxford Math

The Sadlier program presents teachers, students, and parents with crucial elements of effective mathematics instruction, such as conceptual understanding and procedural fluency and application. These interrelated elements are necessary in guiding mathematics proficiency.

In the Sadlier curriculum, the lessons are logically sequenced with step-by-step instructions, followed by scaffolding practice, which helps expand students’ mathematical understanding. A hands-on approach that utilizes manipulatives to activate students’ prior knowledge solidifies concepts and helps students make connections between the concrete and abstract.

S.T.E.A.M. Applications

Furthermore, the program integrates S.T.E.A.M. applications and real-world problem-solving skills, with digital tools enabling students to engage in technology-enhanced lessons that create a dynamic classroom.

Part of each chapter in the Sadlier Math Curriculum includes a S.T.E.A.M. component that brings a real world example into the lesson. Mrs. Acosta, the same teacher who as a student only saw math on a piece of paper, now has the opportunity to present mathematics to her first graders through activities such as counting wind turbines or fitting a certain number of solar panels within a designated area. While the students relish these opportunities to see the intersection of mathematics with the world around, they also are being guided into higher levels of math conceptualization, sometimes without realizing it. With such lessons being taught in the classroom, the students naturally view the world around them in a different light and begin seeing math at places like the grocery store.

A Foundation for Life

With the Sadlier-Oxford Math curriculum and the proficiency of Rosarian Academy’s teachers, students will lay a solid Mathematics foundation for life.

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