Rosarian Academy honors students for academic achievements

Palm Beach Post
December 21, 2016

At an awards ceremony to honor middle school students with exceptional academic performance during the first trimester of the school year, Mercedes Cassidy, Hope Diffenderfer, Devyn Dyett and Lorenzo Escobar were recognized for achieving highest academic honors. Elise Lanahan and Blair Haft received Accelerated Reader awards for having read 300,000 words or more since the start of the school year.

Eighth-grade students selected as Kiwanis Students of the Month were recognized: Bettina Johnston (October), Marlowe Dunn Flom (November), Sophia Mendez (December).

Fourteen seventh-grade students earned at least a 95 percentile or higher on an acceptable composite or subset area from a previous standardized test and qualified as Duke University Talent Identification Program Scholars: Maggie Acosta, Spencer Bernstein, Jamis Bornschein, Wilder Breckenridge, Mercedes Cassidy, Joseph Coates, Grace Colangelo, Madison Fabbri, Macarena Gonzalez, Blair Haft, Emma Hardyman, Jack Keogh, Elise Lanahan, Finn Throop.

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