Professional Theater

Become a dreamer.


This course explores the fundamentals of improvisation, monologue and scene study. All students are expected to present a fully-memorized scene or monologue at the end of each trimester.

This course continues the elements of fundamentals, with the addition of writing, producing, directing and shooting a commercial during a trimester.

This course utilizes skillsets from 5th and 6th grade drama, to fully explore the creation of a character in one act, play or scene from contemporary musical theatre.

This course focuses on performance of scenes from plays or musicals. Performance may include translating a scene from the page to visual media. Students must have been in at least one spring musical and taken Theatre 1 to be admitted into this course.

This course explores the basics of set design, construction, scenic painting, lighting, sound and stage management. Being taught by local professionals, students in this course are expected to work in these areas in the fall and spring musicals.

This course requires instructor approval.