Students in Middle School Art will explore a variety of art processes and materials such as painting, drawing, pastels, ceramics, printmaking, and mixed media. They will use their imagination and personal experiences to create original artwork. Emphasis is placed on understanding the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as a basis for composition. Students will study important periods, artists, and styles in art history along with contemporary art and artists.

Entertain, inform, and persuade. Drama, Public Speaking, and Debate (DPSD) in Middle school will integrate the fundamentals of acting with the basic tools of speech and debate. This course meets twice a week for one trimester.

Students in DPSD will explore a variety of performance and presentation genres while learning to have a healthy respect for different points of view and styles of personal expression. Using a variety of sources and media, students will explore performance and presentation styles to entertain, inform, and persuade an audience while empowering their own unique individual style and voice.

Whether finding their inner Romeo or Juliet, informing us about the effects of climate change, or convincing us to wear a mask, students will proficiently demonstrate skills in acting, public speaking and debate in preparation for activities in high school and post secondary opportunities.

This course serves as an introduction to the ukulele instrument and will provide students with instant access to making music on the ukulele. Focus points will be strumming and rhythms, reading music, improvising, and beginning songwriting.

STEM is a course for students to explore science, technology, engineering, and math all in one curriculum. This course offers an innovative approach to learning in which students use problem-solving skills to tackle hands-on learning activities. Skills in this course will improve critical thinking skills and will propel students toward a successful career in the STEM fields.