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A Record-Breaking Fundraiser for Rosarian Academy Guys’ Night Out: 70 Men Raise $18,000

Nearly 70 men of Rosarian attended the 9th Annual Guys’ Night Out at Trump International Golf Course on October 30. The event brought in a record-breaking $18,000 for the school. Thanks to the hosts–Jim Arrigo, Christian Angle, John Cassidy, Jason Guari, Shaun McGruder, Michael Perry, Joe Rooney and Willi Steele–100% of the proceeds benefit Rosarian Academy directly. The evening started off with an additional $4,000, thanks to twelve generous guys who donated money to play in a golf foursome prior to the event. The Rosarian dads, faculty and friends enjoyed great food, open bar, ges of chance, and a night of caraderie. The cost to attend was $100 per person.