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Canine Hired at Rosarian Academy to Assist in the Classrooms

ÒWe look for degreed and certified staff members who bring enthusiasm and motivation to the school.Ó Although new-hire Jodi fits this description found on the ÒEmployment OpportunitiesÓ section of Rosarian AcademyÕs website, she is not your typical employee. Jodi is a three-year-old Golden Retriever who recently joined Rosarian full-time.

Assisting the schoolÕs principal, guidance counselor, resource specialist and various classroom teachers, Jodi works as a therapeutic partner to the students and faculty through her unconditional love, understanding, and acceptance. Her loving and gentle demeanor matches the culture of the school. Jodi seems to have a Òsixth senseÓ and seeks out people who need a Òdoggie hugÓÑ a perfect enhancement to an environment that fosters each studentÕs emotional and intellectual needs at every developmental stage.