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Top Educational Neuroscientist Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang to Present at Rosarian Academy: The BrainÕs Role in How We Learn

WhatÕs the brainÕs role in learning? How can we maximize its potential? Rosarian Academy welcomes neuroscientist and developmental psychologist Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, EdD to its cpus next week to engage in workshops with its students, faculty, parents and community members to address and answer these very important questions. Dr. Immordino-Yang, President Elect of the International Mind Brain and Education Society, will lead an interactive discussion and workshop for parents and community members on Tuesday, February 2 at 6:00 PM. Mary Helen will address how we learn, why emotions matter in teaching and learning, and what we can do as a culture to actively support and enhance deeper levels of learning, creativity, and twenty-first century skills.

Immordino-YangÕs visit has been planned in conjunction with the celebration of Catholic Schools Week. Over 90 years ago, Rosarian Academy was founded on the Dominican tradition of prayer, study, reflection and action. Mary HelenÕs research findings highlight the critical role reflection plays in deeper levels of understanding and social, emotional stability.