1st Trimester Academic and Athletic Achievers at Rosarian Academy

1st Trimester, Rosarian Academy Honors Scholastic and Sports Achievements


December 11, 2016
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2938: Head of School Steve Rubenacker presents 8th grader Mercedes Cassidy with Highest Academic Honors award.
2877: Nine girls and coaches receive special championship rings for winning back-to-back Girls Soccer and Girls Baketball championships in the 2016-2017 school year.  (L-R) Madison Fabbri, Isabella Vega-Dadurian, Lacey Steele, Devin Dyett, Isabella Fiorentino, Coach Lindsey Beylo, Coach Jameson Olsen, Grace Colangelo, Elizabeth Guerrieri, Haiden Hersey, Maggie Acosta

Honoring 1st Trimester Academic and Athletic Achievers at Rosarian Academy

Rosarian Academy held an awards ceremony December 8 to honor and recognize its middle school students with exceptional academic performance and lower and middle school students for athletic achievements during the first trimester of the school year.

Three eighth-grade students were recognized for achieving Highest Academic Honors (All “A’s” in the first trimester and on all exams)—Maggie Acosta, Mercedes Cassidy and Macarena Gonzalez-Cabanellas.  Two students received Accelerated Reader awards for having read 300,000 words or more since the start of the school year: +700,000 words–Elise Lanahan (8th); +400,000 words—Maggie Acosta (8th). Eighth-grade students selected as Kiwanis Students of the Month were recognized: Macarena Gonzalez-Cabanellas (October), Robby Vargas (November), Maggie Acosta (December).

Sixth-through-eighth-grade students who received no less than a “B-” in all academic subjects and no grade less than “Satisfactory” in all co-curricular classes qualified for Honor Roll and received an award certificate: sixth grade—Natalie Acosta, Alexandra Beauchamp, Iliana Beauchamp, James Cohen, Olivia Debbs, Eaton Dunn Flom, Angela Frankland, Giuliana Furlo,  Juan Lucas Gonzalez-Cabanellas, Samuel Hernandez, Ariane Holton, Quinlyn Janson, Alexia Keough, Kaitlin Koch, Molly Lanahan, Lulu Lang, Juliana LaPapa, Daniele Mischke, Cade Randolph, Matthew Rodriguez, Harry Scarola, Cate Sieving, James Smeenge, Layna Steele, Nicholas Stewart, Harper Throop, Andy Vargas, Olivia Wagner, Amelia Walsh, Tucker Yavinsky; seventh grade—Grey Bauer, Sabrina Bernstein, Katarina Bessenroth, Thomas Coates, Matthew Cohen, Valery Gonzaelez, Lily Guari, Stephen Hall, MJ Hanlon, Ava Iuliani, Olivia Klein, Liam Landers, Alina Morrison, Mia Pariseleti, Victoria Reynolds, Trace Scuderi, Louis Townsend, Parker Ward ; eighth grade—Christian Azqueta, Jamis Bornschein, Wilder Breckenridge, Joseph Coates, Caleb Curtis, Brandon Dorsey, Madison Fabbri, Delaney Groth, Emma Hardyman, Wisner Jean, Jack Keogh, Kalla Kerkorian, Logan McGruder, Finley Murray.

Double E Awards were given to students who received “E” in effort and conduct in all core and co-curricular subjects: sixth grade—Alexandra Beauchamp, Eaton Dunn Flom, Angela Frankland, Juan Lucas Gonzalez-Cabanellas, Alexia Keough, Harry Scarola, Harper Throop, Tucker Yavinsky; seventh grade—Mia Pariseleti; eighth grade—Macarena Gonzalez-Cabanellas, Kalla Kerkorian.

All students who participated in a fall sport—flag football, volleyball, swimming, and cross country—were acknowledged. The following student-athletes received awards: Boys Varsity Flag Football—Christian Azqueta (8th) / Most Valuable Player, Jamis Bornschein (8th) / Offensive Player of the Year; James Smeenge (6th) / Heart Award; Thomas Coates (7th)/ Most Improved; Boys Junior Varsity Flag Football—Declan Coates (5th)  / Most Valuable Player, Finn Duran (5th) / Offensive Player of the Year, James Molina (5th) / Heart Award; Jack Beylo (5th)/ Most Improved; Girls Varsity Volleyball—Macarena Gonzalez-Cabanellas (8th) / Most Valuable Player, Mia Pariseleti (7th) / Heart Award, Loran McGruder (6th) / Most Improved; Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball—Amelia Walsh (6th) / Most Valuable Player, Alexia Keough (6th) / Heart Award, Juliana LaPapa (6th) / Most Improved; Swimming—Matthew Cohen (7th) / Most Valuable Swimmer, Ariane Holton (6th) / Heart Award, Joseph Modenos (5th) / Most Improved; Cross Country—Teddy Duncker (5th) / Male Running Raider Award, Eleanor Hall (5th) / Female Running Raider Award, Robbie Vargas (8th) / Unsung Hero Award, Iliana Beauchamp (6th) / Most Improved.

A special honor was also given to the group of nine girls and their coaches who won back-to-back championships in Girls Basketball and Girls Soccer n the 2016-2017 school year: Maggie Acosta (8th), Grace Colangelo (8th), Devyn Dyett (Freshman at The Benjamin School), Madison Fabbri, Isabella Fiorentino (Freshman at Cardinal Newman), Elizabeth Guerrieri (8th), Haiden Hersey (8th), Lacey Steele (Freshman at Cardinal Newman), Isabella Vega-Dadurian (Freshman at Suncoast High School), Coach Lindsey Beylo, Coach Jameson Olsen, Coach Jon Payne, Coach Melissa Vittagliano. An anonymous donor gave the girls and coaches championship rings with “Live Like Oakley” inscribed inside the rings.

In addition to the academic and athletic recognition, Rosarian Academy awarded parents Diane and Marcello Fiorentino with The Rose and Torch Award. Annually, this award is given to one or two person (s) who selflessly serve Rosarian and possess and live out the values of the school. Through their faith and commitment to the common good, these individuals rise above daily challenges and persevere for the good of others. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Rosarian Academy, founded in 1925, educates students from early childhood through eighth grade and offers an exceptionally strong academic program enriched by athletics, visual and performing arts, and community service opportunities. The independent, Catholic school is located on Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach and is sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  For more information, visit www.rosarian.org or call 561.345.3106.