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Rosarian Academy Appoints Interim Head for 2014-15

Rosarian Academy Board of Directors appointed Mrs. Nori Madrigal, M.Ed., as the Interim Head of School.

With over 20 years of experience in education, Mrs. Madrigal most recently was the Interim Head of School at The Colorado Springs School, an independent pre K- grade 12 school. During this time, she oversaw the management of daily operations of the school, including: ensuring ethical and legal compliance; managing the annual budget of $6.2 million; overseeing curriculum and instruction; providing regular opportunities for professional development; and developing professional relationships with all stakeholders.

Mrs. Madrigal began her career as a teacher for K-5 with her BA in Art and Elementary Education from Humboldt State University. She was teacher and Division Leader at the Colorado Springs School. She also worked several years at the University of Colorado Fily Development Center as Summer Progr Director. After attaining her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Colorado Christian University, Mrs. Madrigal continued to diversify her service to education by serving in positions from Enrichment Progrs to Director of Admissions and Financial Assistance at The Colorado Springs School.

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