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Rosarian Academy’s Aladdin Takes Packed House on ‘Magic Carpet Ride’

Thirty-four 2nd through 4th grade Rosarian Academy students presented Disney’s Aladdin for Kids on Saturday, November 8. The young talent performed in front of a full-house in the school’s 485-person professional theater. The cast was led by fourth-graders Crede Janson (Aladdin), Kendal Perry (Princess Jasmine), Lily Guari (Genie), and Marcus Meinke (Sultan).

Aladdin tells the story of street rat Aladdin who meets Princess Jasmine and instantly falls in love. Aladdin happens upon a magic lp with a Genie who grants him three wishes. He wishes to become a prince in order to win the heart of the princess. Crede Janson’s melodic voice and captivating stage presence took the audience on an hour-long magic carpet ride that left you wanting more.

The musical was produced and directed by Robert Sherman, with production assistance by Francesca Coniglio, musical direction by Gay Dedo and choreography by Jeanne Bennet.