Author-illustrator visits Rosarian

Author-illustrator visiting Rosarian Academy

March 13, 2019
Palm Beach Daily News

Children’s book author and illustrator Ross Burach asked a class of Rosarian Academy preschoolers: “Any of you ever see a dinosaur covered in pizza?”

Hands shot up immediately. “What would you call it?” he asked.

“A stegopizza,” was one suggestion.

Burach’s tip for the day, as he told the youngsters, was this: “You can get story ideas from anywhere. Even ice cream.”

Burach was in West Palm Beach for the BAM Festival of Books, Art and Music and dropped by Rosarian to do several presentations. The strongest message he had for the children was not the lines that made them laugh, but those delivered in response to several of the youths who told him they couldn’t draw stegopizzas or any other fanciful, imaginative critters he had them imagining.

“Don’t say ‘I can’t do it.’” He told each gently. “Just try. Just do your best.”

“I’ve loved drawing and writing stories since I was a kid,” Burach said. He said he loves it when children can let their imagination and creativity flow. Teachers who encourage their students reach beyond their fears get his highest praise. “I have such respect for teachers.”

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