Green gets the glory at Rosarian Academy’s field day

Green team getting the glory

March 18, 2019
Palm Beach Daily News

Perhaps it was helping the younger teammates, the luck of the Irish or maybe the lucky paper, but whatever the reason, Team Green proved itself victorious for the third time in the past five years in Rosarian Academy’s lower school field day Friday.

Team Green slipped past Team Yellow by 10 points for the victory in the annual competition for students in grades K-4. Team Red finished third and Team Blue was fourth.

“We had good sportsmanship. I’m so glad we worked together and won,” said Kenyon King, 9, a fourth-grader.

The day started out under dark and dreary skies and rain, so the events, which included team competitions and relays, were moved into the Picotte Center’s lunchroom and lobby as well as in the Garvy Gymnasium and went off without a hitch.

“They can play harder longer because we aren’t out in the sun,” said Athletic Director Lindsey Beylo as she watched her students play a game called polyspot roundup. “There are no red faces and no water coolers to refill. It’s a win-win; it’s going really well.”

The green team’s winning plan included a helping hand.

“The big kids in the fourth grade helped the kindergarten students, who were new to field day,” said Haley Duncker, 9. “Plus we all touched the lucky paper.”

“I touched it, too,” said McKenna Boysan, 10. “We had a really good cheer, too.”

The lucky paper was the creation of Chase Rehm, 9, who created it as a way to spark morale.

“I was sitting in class thinking what could I do to give my teammates good luck,” he said.

He took a sheet of typing paper, colored it with green marker, folded it and invited his teammates to touch it for luck.

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