03.05.20 COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus and Spring Break Travel

Dear Families, Faculty, and Staff,

The letter is to give you an update concerning Spring Break.  We have been monitoring the travel advisory from the CDC regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Currently, there are travel restrictions in place for China and South Korea; however, it is possible that restrictions may be extended.

Please note that if your child or family is traveling to a destination with increased cases of the Coronavirus, Rosarian Academy will follow the CDC recommendations regarding quarantine upon an employee or student’s return.  Destinations of current heightened concerns include China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, and Iran. All school travel and field trips, such as the upcoming Washington, D. C. and St. Augustine trips, will continue as planned but are subject to changes/ or cancellation.

Throughout Spring Break and the coming weeks and months, we will communicate any new developments.  We do ask that if you are traveling to any of these destinations and if you have flexibility in plans, that you avoid travel to countries of COVID-19 concern. This may prevent any disruption to your child’s academics.

Rosarian Academy is preparing accommodations for at-home distance learning if there is possible delayed return to school.  While we cannot provide a fully comparable program, we are looking at possible accommodations.

We are taking all precautionary measures. Our cleaning company has upgraded the sanitization protocol.  Furthermore, we have added hand sanitizer stations to every floor and classroom and are continuing to disinfect all exposed surfaces, including keyboards, door handles, desks, and other high-traffic areas. During Spring Break, our campus will undergo routine deep cleaning, and we will continue all possible precautionary measures.

Should you have any concerns about having been exposed to the virus and/or have symptoms, you are urged to contact your physician before having any child return to campus.

We appreciate your partnership in helping us be proactive.


Linda M. Trethewey