• Advancement Office

    Event: Ongoing

    Volunteer to help stuff, stamp, seal and mail information going out of the Development Office. Mailings can be done here or at home.

  • Alumni Relations

    Event: Ongoing

    Volunteer to assist in the planning and implementation of alumni events, such as reunions. Reach out to alumni through direct mail and phone calls to collect information about colleges attended and current employment.

  • Archiving

    Event: Ongoing

    Are you a history buff? Help preserve Rosarian Academy times gone by! There are always pictures and other pieces of school memorabilia that need to be sorted, scanned and cataloged.

  • Career Day

    Event: Spring

    Present your profession to Middle School & Lower School students. Presentations last 15 minutes and are encouraged to be prop-filled, informative and entertaining.

  • Drama Program

    Event: Fall & Spring Musical

    Coordinating props, set design and construction, lumber and materials, painting sets, provide snacks and water for rehearsals, meals for extra-long rehearsals, costume coordination and cataloguing, program design, t-shirt coordination, program advertisements sales, appreciation flower coordination, headshot photographer.

  • Faculty & Staff Appreciation Luncheon

    Event: Spring

    Organize a luncheon in appreciation of the Rosarian Academy Faculty and Staff.

  • Family Fun Day

    Event: Spring

    Serve lunch, sno-cones, popcorn, facilitate games, monitor the gym, set up and clean.

  • Lower School Field Day

    Event: Fall

    You can help by running a game, encouraging the students, scoring, serving sno-cones and snacks and set up or clean.

  • Parent Ambassador

    Event: Ongoing

    Help recruit students and families to our school. Serve as part of a welcoming committee and a mentor to our new students and families.

  • Raiders Shack

    Event: Ongoing

    Sell items at home games or manage the ‘Traveling Raiders Shack” during some school functions like Family Fun Day.

  • Room Mom (Head Room Mom & Room Mom)

    Event: Ongoing

    Be a helper and a communicator! Communicate school information to all other parents in your child’s class. Assist the teacher with school parties, provide a bin for various collections. Bring snacks during exams for the students. Head Room Moms communicate the needs from the teacher to all parents in the class.

  • Rose Ball & Auction

    Event: Spring

    Every item in the Rose Ball and Auction is solicited or donated by a family at Rosarian Academy. Help with solicitation and pick up of auction items, sponsorship and underwriting solicitation, program advertisements sales and creating class projects.

  • Rosarian Fund Class Agent

    Event: Fall

    You could be the class agent for your child’s class. Communicate the Rosarian Fund goals while encouraging participation in the Rosarian Fund and facilitate the reward for the school by reaching 100% participation by all families!

  • Spaghetti Dinner & Class Project Auction

    Event: Fall

    Be a gym monitor, server, set-up or clean-up volunteer, decorator, check-in volunteer, bartender, field monitor or ice cream server. More than 600 people attend this wonderful Rosarian tradition.

  • Special Event Set-Up

    Event: As needed

    Help decorate and coordinate food for special events. Examples: grand openings, dedications, special speakers and assemblies.

  • Sports

    Event: Ongoing

    Assist with practice, help coach a game if needed, work the scoreboard or game clock, field duties and equipment, and communicate to the parents.

  • Talent Show

    Event: Spring

    Help at try-outs, during the show and the awards, ticket sales and registration.

  • Thanksgiving Cake Baking

    Event: Fall

    A traditional holiday gift for Rosarian Academy Major Benefactors. Bake a special “Rosarian Recipe” cake. Be a decorator and make the boxes look beautiful. Help with delivery and carefully transport the cakes to our benefactors.